Great Things Are Made In Mandan, North Dakota
Community, Opportunity & Achievement Made in Mandan

Creating an Environment of Excellence 

Adventure at Raging Rivers Waterpark

Opportunity, Community, Achievement, Adventure

Mandan started as a village for the Mandan tribe, a calvary fort, center for western expansion of the iron rail and hub for area ranchers and farmers. Currently, top-notch schools, affordable living, new neighborhoods, economic opportunity and lots of indoor and outdoor recreation combine to offer people an ideal environment for starting a family, a friendship, school, a career, a business or even a vacation.

MADE IN MANDAN shines a light on our economic opportunities, strong sense of community, possibilities for achievement, and widespread adventure! Mandan will always be “Where the West Begins.” This new community marketing theme empowers citizens to share news of other community assets and progress.

Help spread the word, use the theme. Businesses, civic organizations, event coordinators and others are encouraged to help communicate consistent and positive messages about Mandan. Download the policy for use of the MADE IN MANDAN logo using this link.

Send an e-mail to request permission to use the Made in Mandan logo to foster community pride and strengthen Mandan's reputation.